This site is a collection of information from my hobbies; the main ones being my family, my brewing and my Commodore.

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Feel free to provide any feedback on the site, with info for additional content.

Hope you enjoy.

01-SEP-2013 - Added initial Mangrove Jack yeasts to yeast page
24-AUG-2013 - Added the simple salt method at the end of the salts how to page.
24-AUG-2013 - After a long break, I'm updating things again
18-AUG-2011 - Added Homebrew Blog
16-AUG-2011 - Fixed Homebrew Hangman and Guestbook
15-JUL-2011 - Redesigned template to allow external link direct to pages
28-JUL-2011 - New Template added
25-JUL-2011 - Update Temp Controler page wiring pics
25-JUL-2011 - Added March pump page
19-JUL-2011 - Updated some info on the parts guide
15-JUL-2011 - Updated the brewtips page to allow users to submit ideas
15-JUL-2011 - Updated the guestbook and site feedback to notify me when a message is left
05-JUL-2011 - Updated a few page to include some youtube videos
05-JUL-2011 - Added fermenting fridge page
05-JUL-2011 - Added fermenter page
29-JUN-2011 - Added LS1 exhaust page
28-JUN-2011 - Added another homebrew link
28-JUN-2011 - Added tap fitting page
28-JUN-2011 - Added hops bittering discussion page
27-JUN-2011 - Added pic of billygoat's mill motor setup to 'mill - motor' page
23-JUN-2011 - Added some more Homebrew links
23-JUN-2011 - Added Pickled onions to the recipes
23-JUN-2011 - Added pics to biltong page
22-JUN-2011 - Added Updates to home page
22-JUN-2011 - Added Brew Tips page
20-JUN-2011 - Updated mill motor info for other places to get the motor
17-JUN-2011 - Added 100L BIAB page
16-JUN-2011 - Added LS1 parts page
01-DEC-2010 - Initial Site went live